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    Hawaii Fence Post

    Workin' Cattle on Oahu's North Shore

    Workin' Cattle on Oahu's North Shore

    Cryshtal began to dream of designing custom shirts when working cattle on Oahu's North Shore. 

    The realities of life in the tropics meant she needed shirts that protected her from sun burn and from gettin' scratched up from the thick groves haole koa trees set in massive boulders in tall grasses as her horse maneuvered through the mountain side terrain and thorny bushes she often had to duck and move through when moving the herd.  She couldn't find what she needed in shirts or in wild rags.  All the materials out there were just a little to thick but she needed wild rags for sun protection and to wipe the sweat and dirt off her eyes in the middle of a day so she could keep going.  And sometimes she used her wild rags to tie gates in position or other interesting uses!  So she looked and looked for the right soft cotton material and that became part of the vision she had for bringing functional products that weren't available to her store.  Cryshtal is a US Air Force combat veteran, an energy healing channel, an animal communicator and has a history of business ownership, researching horse happiness during her graduate studies but at her core considers herself a student of the horse and a student of life.  Empowering others, being authentic in anything she does, and committing whole heartedly are the gifts Cryshtal brings to the table here at Horse and Soul. "My commitment is to offer quality, functional, and beautiful shirts and wild rags inspired by my Paniolo experiences here in Hawaii and this place that has become my treasured home. This sacred space.  Here in Hawaii, I have experienced extreme tropical heat and pounding rainy days while having to finish a full days' work. When gettin' the cattle moved or sorted or fixing the fence before going home for the night is the only option, so I could feel secure that the herd would be safe and secure.
    Comfortable, breathable, long sleeved shirts that fit, wild rags for sun protection and dirt and sweat cleanup, and the right hat for sun and rain protection have gotten me through some tough days out on the mountain." 

    Mahalo for visiting my store! Aloha, Cryshtal